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Pelephone launches HSPA network

Israeli cellco Pelephone has announced the launch of its HSPA network, using equipment supplied by Ericsson. According to Pelephone CEO Gil Sharon the 3.5G infrastructure has required an investment of ILS1 billion (USD278 million) and represents the first in a series of strategies to improve capacity and services.

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MTN Ghana announces launch of HSDPA service

MTN Ghana (formerly Spacefon Areeba) launched its 3.5G service in Ghana on 28 January using high speed downlink packet access (HSDPA) technology. MTN says its new network will offer a range of data-oriented services and provide for more efficient delivery of existing services such as voice, SMS, MMS, and mobile internet access. Local press were given the opportunity to experience the benefits of 3.5G in a specially-constructed phone booth. Going forward, MTN Ghana plans to roll out more HSDPA-enabled phone booths in the capital Accra. In December 2008 Kuwait-based telecoms group Zain launched a 3.5G network in Ghana, having invested more than USD420 million in the country to realise the speedy deployment of the technology – a first for sub-Saharan Africa, excluding South Africa.

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MTN launches 3.5G technology in Ghana

Mobile Telecommunications Network (MTN) Ghana, the country’s leading GSM service provider, on Wednesday introduced 3.5G technology onto the Ghanaian market.

The technology represents the next generation of mobile communication systems that supports the effective delivery of a range of data-orientated services and brings with it a new suite of exciting multimedia services such as video streaming, games, music videos, sports and news.

It is based on High-Speed Downlink Packet Access (HSDPA), which is a new protocol for mobile telephone data transmission. Mr Mazen Mroue, Acting Chief Executive Officer of MTN Ghana, who launched the new technology, said it also provided more efficient systems for the transmission of existing services such as voice, text and data and supported far greater speeds than what was available now. “I am extremely delighted to announce the roll out of the 3.5G technology which puts MTN on the road to providing leading services to our valued customers,” he said.

He said Accra and Kumasi had been selected for initial coverage under the 3.5G technology, adding that the service would be extended to the rest of the country gradually. Mr. Mroue said the 3.5G services would be rolled out in phases, adding that at this phase of the launch, it involved mobile broadband and video calling that would enable fast data speed and allow users to see and talk to people they called in real time.

He said the introduction of the new technology would complement initiatives aimed at improving the overall network quality.

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Oman Mobile launches 3.5G network

After mobilising an extensive team, ranging from telecom engineers to marketing specialists, Oman Mobile yesterday announced the launch of its state-of-the-art 3.5G network. 

Dr Amer Al Rawas, MD of Oman Mobile, expressed his joy at the launch, saying, “Today is a remarkable day in Oman Mobile’s history as we are proud to announce the launch of our brand-new 3.5G network. This state-of-the-art network will complement the various other wireless and broadband technologies with which Omantel and Oman Mobile are serving the country.” 

Providing the highest service quality and speed is clearly a main objective of the company, as Dr Amer explains: “Our teams have already finished extensive testing of the network, and I am extremely pleased with the results. Still, this is not enough. 

We are now submitting our services to the toughest test panel imaginable: the Sultanate’s major corporations. Selected clients will be enjoying superfast mobile broadband, and we will use their feedback to finetune our network and services. Only after these most demanding clients confirm the excellence of our network will we be prepared to go live.” 

Oman Mobile 3.5G network will enable provisioning of new and exciting services to its clients. “Based on extensive market research, we have prepared a host of new services adapted to the mobile lifestyle of our customers. We will reveal information about our services at a later stage; however we can assure our customers that our tariffs will be competitive, simple and transparent, and everyone will be able to enjoy our services”, Dr Amer added. 

Dr Amer pointed out that coverage is another main priority of the company. “Ubiquitous coverage was always there and will always be the distinguishing factor of Oman Mobile. As of today, we have extensive 3.5G coverage in Muscat Governorate, and our implementation teams are already working in each area of Oman. By combining our 3.5G network with our existing EDGE network, we offer our customers seamless coverage, virtually everywhere across the Sultanate.” Dr Amer also commented on the timing of the 3.5G launch: “We decided to invest now as the technology has become mature and stable, as is the case with 3.5G and, specifically, HSDPA, offering mobile broadband speeds up to 7.2 Mbps. We did not want to build a network that provided only marginal consumer benefits compared to existing technologies.” 

“When European and GCC operators deployed the first 3G networks, customer uptake was limited, as the technology was not yet mature. For the customers that opted for rather expensive 3G services, the benefits in terms of speed, services and mobility fell short of expectations”, Dr Amer added. 

Dr Amer concluded his declaration by thanking the extensive team involved in the project. “I recognise the remarkable work done by the joint Oman Mobile and Huawei team responsible for implementing the network in record time. I also would like to extend my sincere thanks to Telecommunication Regulatory Authority and all government entities that were part of the success of this project.”


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Bharti Airtel launches in Sri Lanka on a 3.5G network, will invest $ 200 mn

Bharti Airtel Lanka (Pvt.) Ltd today announced the launch of its mobile services in Sri Lanka under the Airtel brand. The services have been launched on a state-of-the-art 3.5G network.

Airtel has launched a suite of innovative services and redefined affordability by offering attractive call rates. What truly sets these tariff plans apart is the simplicity and ease of understanding for the customer, including features such as unconditional free incoming calls.

Airtel’s simple tariffs liberate the customer from the concept of peak and off-peak call rates by offering standard tariffs throughout the day and allowing them to speak freely.

For the first time, Sri Lankan mobile customers will not have to bother with within network and outside network concept as Airtel will offer uniform call charges to any network.

The company will also offer unique and customer relevant Value Added Services. 

On the occasion Sunil Bharti Mittal, Chairman and Managing Director, Bharti Airtel said, “We are extremely honoured to present Airtel to Sri Lanka. At Bharti, we have always believed in undertaking business projects that are transformational and have a positive impact on the society at large. Bharti Airtel has also set global benchmarks in telecom services, be it our unique business model based on outsourcing or innovative products and services.”

“We are delighted at being given this opportunity to serve the people of Sri Lanka and contribute to the growth story of the country. It will be Airtel’s sincere endeavour to drive affordability in the Sri Lankan market and empower more and more people to experience the benefits of mobile internet and telephony. We are confident that with our experience of serving around 88 million customers, we will make a positive impact on the telecom landscape of Sri Lanka,” Mittal added.

Bharti Airtel plans to invest around USD 200 million in its Sri Lanka operations. In just over an year, the company has commissioned a sizeable state-of-the-art network.

This is the fastest network roll-out of its scale by any mobile operator in Sri Lanka. This will enable Bharti Airtel to fulfill its promise of providing world-class mobile services at affordable rates to customers in Sri Lanka.

In line with the innovative business model based on outsourcing that it pioneered, Bharti Airtel has created an ecosystem of partners for its Sri Lanka operations.

It has entered into a three-year managed network deal with Huawei, partnered with IBM to manage its comprehensive IT infrastructure and application requirements, and selected iSmart Timex as its customer care partner.

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Zain launches 7Mbps mobile internet service (Tanzania)

Zain Tanzania, a unit of the Kuwaiti group Zain, yesterday launched what it claims is the country’s fastest 3.5G mobile internet service. The unit’s managing director Mr Khaled Muhtadi, told reporters that the 3.5G technology will offer a theoretical maximum speed of 7Mbps over its mobile network, and will initially be available in the capital Dar es Salaam with other regions covered by the end of 2009. The ultra high speed internet service is currently available to Zain customers in parts of the city centre, Kariakoo and the Peninsular, he said.

The Tanzanian unit’s parent company has invested in excess of USD180 million this year in expanding and enhancing its network in Tanzania – including the HSDPA investment. In October this year Zain Tanzania said it was looking to increase its mobile subscriber base by 15% to 3.8 million by the end of the year. At that date, Mr Muhtadi said: ‘We have reached over 3.3 million customers today and our target is to exceed 3.8 million by the end of the year’. The Zain official went on to say that the key challenges facing the cellco in its bid for expansion were falling subscriber revenues (particularly from new customers), the high cost of handsets and the slow movement of equipment and supplies through the port and customs.

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Zain launches 3.5G network in Ghana

Kuwait-based telecoms group Zain yesterday launched a 3.5G network in Ghana, having invested more than USD420 million in the country to realise the speedy deployment of the technology – a first for sub-Saharan Africa, excluding South Africa. Reuters reports that Zain sees potential on the continent where it already has 40 million customers. ‘Although penetration is very, very low, we see it as having very huge potential. A lot of people say Africa penetration is almost saturated, but we don’t because we see that we can optimise our business on the continent,’ Chris Gabriel, Chief Executive Officer of Zain Africa said. Zain, which already operates in 22 countries across the Middle East and Africa, is looking to become one of the world’s top ten operators by 2011 and has already set its sights on four of five acquisitions in the region which Gabriel says will be closed ‘in the next twelve months’.

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