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Bell Aliant issues results, forecasts (Canada)

Regional Canadian telco Bell Aliant has posted 0.9% year-on-year rises in both operating revenues and EBITDA for full-year 2008, to CAD3.28 billion (USD2.64 billion) and CAD1.45 billion, respectively. Annual CAPEX fell by 2.4% to CAD529 million. High speed internet subscribers increased by 10.7% in twelve months, to 762,000 at end-December, with broadband monthly ARPU in the fourth quarter of 2008 reaching CAD36.71, up by 6.7% compared to the same quarter of 2007. Fixed line subscribers stood at 3.09 million at end-2008, down from 3.20 million a year earlier. Bell Aliant also issued guidance for 2009, including operating revenues of between CAD3.18 billion and CAD3.28 billion. Capital expenditures are expected to be between 13.5% and 14.5% of operating turnover in 2009 (down from 16% in 2008), with expansion of broadband services a strategic priority.

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LG to Recall Mobile Phone Sold in Canada

LG Electronics Canada has issued a recall notice for one of its mobile phones after the handset was found to no longer comply with Canadian radio-emissions standards. The LG 150 is the only mobile phone manufactured by LG that is affected by the recall.LG has mobilized quickly in response to these findings on behalf of our customers, says Mr. William Cho, president and CEO of LG Electronics Canada. LG’s preliminary testing indicates that only LG 150 phones from specific production runs may be affected by this issue. LG is therefore recommending that all LG 150 phones manufactured within such production runs be returned in accordance with the guidelines set out below. LG is continuing to test the LG 150 phones. However, because customer satisfaction and safety continue to be our primary commitment, we are taking a proactive approach and working in cooperation with our carriers to recall all LG 150 phones in Canada.The company also noted that Health Canada is of the opinion, based on the review of test results and its assessment of current science, that the past and current use of the LG 150 should not pose immediate or long-term health concerns.

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Canadian court blocks RIM bid for Certicom

The Ontario Superior Court of Justice has issued an order blocking Research In Motion’s takeover bid for mobile security developer Certicom. Certicom had opposed the bid, saying it undervalued the company. Certicom asked the court to block the hostile offer, claiming RIM had access to confidential company information when it made the offer, as a result of their earlier partnerships. As a result of the court order, Certicom shareholders will not be able to accept the offer, and if another offer materialises for Certicom, RIM cannot participate in an auction for Certicom, without Certicom’s prior written consent. RIM is reviewing the court’s reasons for the decision and is considering alternatives available to it as a result of the court order, including a possible appeal.

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Rogers activates 130,000 iPhones in Q4

Rogers Communication has activated 130,000 iPhones in Q4′08 of which 40% of them are new to Rogers. The operator posted fourth-quarter wireless post-paid churn of 1.12% compared to 1.17% a year ago and wireless prepaid churn of 3.03% compared to 3.12% a year earlier. The operator has added 158,000 in its post-paid kitty and 41,000 in Prepaid in Q4. A total wireless net addition in the quarter grows to 199,000 from 183,000 a year earlier.

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T-Mobile brings BlackBerry Curve 8900 to USA in February

Research In Motion’s new and improved BlackBerry Curve will reportedly be available in the United States via T-Mobile USA. It is already available in Germany, the UK, and Canada, with the U.S. release is anticipated to take place on 18th February’09. No financial details are yet disclosed for the new device.

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