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Comstar Soft Launches WiMAX Network in Moscow

Russia’s Comstar has soft launched a wireless broadband network in Moscow, which is based on standard 802.16e WiMAX technology.  The full commercial launch of the wireless network using the 2.5-2.7 GHz frequency range and based on Nortel technological solutions is expected to be implemented in the second quarter of 2009.Comstar invested approximately US$20 million in the project during 2008.The ongoing use of Comstar’s mobile WiMAX network will be free of charge during the test phase. Subscribers participating in the trial will be charged RUR 4,600 (US$146) for a USB compatible WiMAX adapter, and pre-pay a monthly fee of RUR 200 (US$6.30) for the first month of use following the full commercial launch of the WiMAX network. Participating subscribers will then also be eligible for a discounted ongoing tariff plan of RUR 200 from the date of the commercial launch for 2 gigabytes of internet traffic per month.

Details of the tariff plans subscribed after the end of the trial period following the full commercial launch will be announced in due course.Sergey Pridantsev, President and Chief Executive Officer of Comstar UTS, commented: The launch of mobile WiMAX services in Moscow makes Comstar a truly universal communications provider, offering a complete range of telecommunications services to customers in Moscow. The combination of the WiMAX network with our fixed line internet broadband access services enables us to create a unified communications space. Users will be able to remain connected at all times – at home, at work and on the move. The network will provide secure outdoor connection coverage across almost all of Moscow. We are meticulously testing the new WiMAX network prior to full commercial launch, in order to ensure the highest possible service and efficiency levels.

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