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NSN launches combined 2G/3G/LTE base station

Nokia Siemens Networks (NSN) has launched a new base station that will support GSM/EDGE, WCDMA/HSPA and LTE in a single unit. The vendor said the new multi-radio base station – part of its ‘Flexi’ range – is targeted at existing 2G and 3G operators that are looking for a simple software upgrade to next generation mobile technologies; it is also aimed at CDMA operators planning to migrate to WCDMA/HSPA or LTE. NSN claimed that running multiple radio technologies in a single base station would cut costs as it maximises the re-use of existing infrastructure, and requires fewer site visits and maintenance.

NSN also talked up the new product’s green credentials, claiming the base station has the lowest energy consumption in the market. It said that an average three sector base station site running GSM/EDGE and WCDMA/HSPA simultaneously would consume as little as 790W. The new base stations will start being deployed at the beginning of 2010.

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Doubling the GSM Voice Capacity with Standard Handsets

For the first time in the world, four calls have been carried in one GSM radio timeslot. This significant step in GSM evolution path was taken today by Nokia Siemens Networks who successfully completed a drive test for the Orthogonal Sub Channel (OSC), that doubles the voice capacity of GSM radio network.This successful demonstration opens up a profitable growth path for operators, evolving their networks to a new level of efficiency with minimized CAPEX and OPEX. This is made possible by a software upgrade to existing Flexi EDGE Base Station and Base Station Controller. OSC is fully interoperable with existing handsets, so it promises immediate cost saving for operators, said Prashant Agnihotri, Head of GSM/EDGE product management, Nokia Siemens Networks.

With OSC, operators can gain more capacity from the same base station hardware, meaning fewer base station sites are needed in network rollouts and capacity extensions, which in turn saves energy and decreases the CO2 emissions.The OSC demonstration was conducted as a drive test using four handsets sharing only one radio timeslot and without compromising the call quality. The demonstration with existing commercially available GSM handsets was the first one of its kind in the world, strengthening Nokia Siemens Networks’ leadership in GSM/EDGE radio technology. 

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Thailand’s True Move to sell iPhone 3G?

Apple is talking to every operators in Thailand about iPhone 3G, but seems True Move will be the first to seal the deal. True Move, the country’s third largest, said in its statement, “True Move has signed an agreement with Apple to bring the iPhone 3G to Thailand in the coming months.”

Yet, no official date is revealed. Currently, Thailand has not ready yet for 3G network, as it is being tested. Thai users may use available EDGE or GPRS for data connection. True Move has 13 million subscribers, while country’s largest, AIS, has 26.8 million subscibers.

If this condition is true, Thailand will be third country in the region, after Singapore and Philippines, that officially sell the Apple phone. Previously, Singapore and Philippines were joining other countries to sell iPhone 3G starting August 22.

FYI, there are tons of pirated iPhones available in Bangkok’s MBK centre. The US-original phone is offered around 29,500 bath (US$ 842), while Hongkong-original phone–offers easier way to insert the SIM card–is sold for 35,000 baht.

So, when will Malaysia and Indonesia join the legion to sell iPhone 3G?

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E-Plus plots 2009 upgrades (Germany)

E-Plus plans to spend a ‘high three-figure million Euros’ amount in 2009 on upgrading its GSM network, after a similar level of expenditure in 2008, reports Dow Jones. The operator expects to deploy EDGE upgrades covering at least 30% of the population by the end of the first quarter of next year, increasing to 90% by December. EDGE will supplement the company’s existing W-CDMA network which currently covers approximately 65% of the population.

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