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Econet Wireless pushes ahead

Zimbabwean GSM operator Econet Wireless is aiming to increase its network capacity beyond its previously announced target of 1.2 million subscriber lines by the end of this year, reports IT News Africa. Econet’s corporate communications manager, Rangarirai Mberi, said that the company is working closely with its technical partners including Ericsson and ZTE to complete the current phase of expansion, whilst ‘work is already under way for further expansion to drive capacity beyond this level.’

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Vodafone Portugal HSPA+ trials

Vodafone is continuing to work towards the introduction of HSPA+ in its key European territories. It has previously carried out advanced trials in the UK and Italy, and this week has launched a test network in Lisbon using HSPA+ 64QAM technology. The technology has a theoretical maximum download speed of 21.6Mbps, although Vodafone and partner Ericsson achieved peaks of 16Mbps. Vodafone Portugal expects to launch commercial HSPA+ services in 2009, as soon as compatible data devices become readily available.

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Vietnamobile to launch GSM services

HT Mobile successor, Vietnamobile, is set to launch wireless services in the first quarter of 2009, after it finishes converting its CDMA technology to GSM. Vietnamobile will be the country’s fourth GSM service provider to launch services, after MobiFone, Vinaphone and Viettel. HT Mobile, a joint venture between Hanoi Telecom and Hong Kong-based Hutchison Telecommunications, launched in 2007 and received a licence to convert to GSM in March 2008, as a result of its poor service provision. It purchased GSM equipment worth USD600 million from Ericsson and China’s Huawei in August 2008.

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Pelephone launches HSPA network

Israeli cellco Pelephone has announced the launch of its HSPA network, using equipment supplied by Ericsson. According to Pelephone CEO Gil Sharon the 3.5G infrastructure has required an investment of ILS1 billion (USD278 million) and represents the first in a series of strategies to improve capacity and services.

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China Unicom selects W-CDMA vendors

According to The South China Post, five firms have won significant contracts from China Unicom in the tender for the deployment of W-CDMA infrastructure. The winners have been announced as Huawei, Ericsson, ZTE, Nokia Siemens Networks and Alcatel-Lucent all winning a share of the spoils. The results were released in the form of percentages awarded to various equipment suppliers: Huawei, which has a partnership with Motorola, was the largest winner with a 30.6% share of the 70,000 base station deployment; Ericsson which partners Fiberhome Telecommunication Technologies and Guangzhou New Postcom Equipment won a 26.5% share; ZTE won 21.5%; Nokia Siemens Networks 11.1%; and Alcatel-Shanghai Bell 10.2%. 

China Unicom plans to deploy 3G networks in 55 cities in the first half of this year, spending RMB30 billion (USD4.39 billion), and 280 cities by the end of 2009, at a cost of RMB60 billion. The firm is targeting the completion of the first flagship city networks by 17 April and the first commercial network launches on 17 May 2009, the paper says. 

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Ericsson Announces Plans to Axe 5,000 Jobs

Ericsson has reported that its net income for the fourth quarter fell by 31% due to restructuring costs and lower profit margins – and announced plans for a further 5,000 job cuts. Net income in the three months to Dec. 31 was SEK3.89 billion (US$460.8 million), down from SEK5.64 billion (US$671 million) in the year-earlier period. Sales in the quarter increased by 23% year-over-year and by 11% for the full year.In the quarter, gross margin was 35.2%, excluding restructuring charges. Full year gross margin amounted to 36.8%, compared to 39.3% a year ago. The sequential decline was mainly due to a high proportion of network rollout services. The network rollout sales increased sequentially by 61%.

We have had a solid performance in 2008,” said Carl-Henric Svanberg, President and CEO of Ericsson. “Sales grew by 11% with good demand for our entire portfolio and across the world. Changes in currency rates had very small effect on full year growth. Professional services have continued to show strong growth. Operating margins, excluding Sony Ericsson, have steadily improved, and our financial position is strong with net cash of SEK 35 b. Sony Ericsson is affected by the economic downturn and the declining demand in the consumer market and has taken necessary actions.

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TeliaSonera picks Ericsson, Huawei to roll out 4G networks

TeliaSonera has selected Ericsson for the initial 4G city network in Stockholm and Huawei for the initial 4G city network in Oslo. The 4G services in Stockholm and Oslo are slated for commercial launch in 2010. In Stockholm, Ericsson will perform network implementation services and will manage the network during the initial operation period. The agreement between Ericsson and TeliaSonera also includes a long-standing partnership where both parties will jointly evolve the way consumers use mobile broadband with LTE. The new 4G networks will offer about 10 times higher data rates compared to today’s mobile broadband network. The contract between TeliaSonera and Ericsson is Ericsson’s first for commercial deployment of LTE. Under the agreement with Huawei, the Chinese equipment maker will provide LTE base stations, core network and OSS covering Oslo. Huawei will also provide services including network design, implementation, systems integration and support. 

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