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Joost reports more than 1 mln Joost iPhone app downloads

Joost(TM), the global web video service, today announced that more than one million iPhone and iPod Touch users have downloaded the free Joost application from Apple’s App Store. Introduced last November, the Joost app enables iPhone and iPod Touch users to enjoy thousands of hours of anime, comedy, drama, movies, music, documentaries, sci-fi and sports over their Wi-Fi connections.

Earlier this month, a new version of the Joost application became available. This new version features improved usability and stability for a cleaner, smoother interface and better overall performance. 

“The Joost iPhone App has taken off because people want to be entertained, and there are many situations — like standing in line, waiting at an airport or doctor’s office, or commuting on a train — when TVs and computers can’t be found,” said Mike Volpi, CEO of Joost. “We’re continuing to innovate with this application and other devices in order to provide a complete premium entertainment experiment for users, content partners and advertisers.”

Similar to the web-based version of Joost, the Joost iPhone App is ad-supported and free to all users. Current advertisers on Joost’s iPhone App include the Canadian Tourism Commission through OMD Vancouver and Pangea Software.

“We’re constantly looking for ways to inform iPhone customers of our video games, and to get them to download the games,” said Brian Greenstone of Pangea Software. “Joost provides us with a unique proposition: we can show active iPhone users what our games are like, and after watching our video ad, they can download and start playing our games right away or return to viewing the video they have selected.”

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