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LG to Recall Mobile Phone Sold in Canada

LG Electronics Canada has issued a recall notice for one of its mobile phones after the handset was found to no longer comply with Canadian radio-emissions standards. The LG 150 is the only mobile phone manufactured by LG that is affected by the recall.LG has mobilized quickly in response to these findings on behalf of our customers, says Mr. William Cho, president and CEO of LG Electronics Canada. LG’s preliminary testing indicates that only LG 150 phones from specific production runs may be affected by this issue. LG is therefore recommending that all LG 150 phones manufactured within such production runs be returned in accordance with the guidelines set out below. LG is continuing to test the LG 150 phones. However, because customer satisfaction and safety continue to be our primary commitment, we are taking a proactive approach and working in cooperation with our carriers to recall all LG 150 phones in Canada.The company also noted that Health Canada is of the opinion, based on the review of test results and its assessment of current science, that the past and current use of the LG 150 should not pose immediate or long-term health concerns.

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LG sees handset shipments rise 8 percent in 2008

LG Electronics saw handset shipments in the fourth quarter ended 31 December 2008 go up 8 percent from the year earlier quarter. Shipments reached 25.7 million, which resulted in a record 100.7 million units being sold in 2008 versus 80.5 million units in 2007. LG’s mobile communications division, which also includes network equipment, saw sales go up 34.6 percent year-on-year to KRW 4.49 trillion, versus KRW 3.33 trillion. Operating profit for the unit was KRW 176 billion, down from KRW 270 in Q4 2007. Handset sales accounted for KRW 4.09 trillion, up 40.3 percent. The operating profit margin of the unit declined 8.8 percent to 5.2 percent due to increased marketing to minimize year-end inventory. While the global economic downturn is expected to continue into 2009, LG’s business target is to grow continuously and expand market share, capturing more of the market for feature-packed premium models, smartphones and mid-to-low end mass volume units. 

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