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India emerging leader in mobile marketing

Lowe Lintas, the agency whose work is behind conspicuous campaigns for products like Sunsilk shampoo and Fair and amp; Lovely cream, is eyeing India as an emerging leader in mobile marketing, with significant potential for digital advertising, its new chief executive officer Charles Cadell says.

“The biggest initiative (for us) will be digital, which we’re driving across the agency,” Cadell told Hindustan Times in an interview. “Globally, Lowe has acquired two digital companies in mobile and Internet marketing. India is still a long way behind the West and a lot of Asian markets on digitisation but in two to three years, India will lead in mobile marketing in the world. It’s going to happen very fast and agencies will not have the luxury of time on this,” he said.

The boom in mobile phones, in which India already has more than 32 crore connections, is expected to acquire a new momentum as people go beyond voice calls and text messages to use it to draw content that can be accompanied by ads.

Lowe is one of the biggest ad agencies in India and part of the global Interpublic Group. Cadell said Lowe Lintas was also focusing on new approaches to advertising in which content, rather than follow set campaigns, could be tied to them after being created as original property.

“There’s a headline thought that is taking us from being an advertising agency to being a communications company – we will be all about content creation, be it Bollywood film scripts, or in opportunities whenever a brand intersects with the consumer,” Cadell said.

“We will also be involved in property creation – something like Sunsilk’s Gang-of-Girls (an interactive Internet initiative to bring together Sunsilk consumers in sharing their lives and hair concerns),” Cadell said, adding that the agency will hold intellectual property rights (IPRs) while taking the content to clients or media houses. “We are looking at different revenue models,” he said without elaborating.

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