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Spin3 Raises the Stakes With First Mobile Casino for the Groundbreaking Android G1

Leading full service mobile gaming solutions provider Spin3, powered by Microgaming, the world’s largest online gaming software provider, has today announced the launch of web-based mobile casino games for the Android G1 phone.

Spin3’s new casino games for the Android G1 operate as web applications. The web-based games, which include Blackjack and Roulette, the progressive play slot game Major Millions and the popular Tomb Raider, eliminate the need to download and install games and enable users to play instantly. By combining the Android G1’s screen quality and touch-screen controls, Spin3’s mobile casino games offer the most advanced mobile casino experience to date.

Matti Zinder, Head of Spin3, says, “Following hot on the heels of the iPhone, the G1, which uses the Google Android operating system, is a new must-have handset for the consumer market. Around 1.5 million Android G1 phones were pre-ordered before it was even launched. That’s a phenomenal number. The launch of mobile casino games on the Android G1 is part of Spin3’s wider strategy to offer its leading games as web applications for use on web-based smartphones. The G1 offers a powerful breakthrough for the mobile world with a fast, stable, operating system which is all about connectivity, interactivity and the internet. This technology and the mobile internet combine to provide a streamlined channel on which to deliver our games, and a mobile gaming experience that is on par with online.”

Matti Zinder continues, “Our ability to provide casino games for the foremost consumer handsets — the Android G1 and the iPhone — confirms Spin3’s leadership in the mobile gaming industry and enables our clients to offer their customers casino games on the most cutting-edge mobile devices.

“Mobile internet technology represents the next step in the evolution of mobile telephony. The versatility of the Google Android operating system and the fact that it is an open source system means that it is only a matter of time before other handset manufacturers launch devices based on this platform. Spin3 already supports the first device to run on the Google Android system and as new devices are launched, we are confident our development team will continue to adapt our games to support these as well. Spin3 is committed to driving change and innovation, and we are confident that the development of our games portfolio and systems for the new generation of smartphones, including the Android G1, will win mobile gaming that mass-market appeal that it deserves.”

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