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SlingMedia signs Apple and BlackBerry to its Slingbox mobile TV service

Slingmedia has signed up Apple and BlackBerry to its mobile TV service. The company is behind one of the big hopes for wireless innovation in 2009, Slingbox, which allows customers to watch and control TV channels on their home TV while on the move and even when in other countries.The service effectively pulls television content onto a laptop or mobile phone anywhere in the world, as long as it can access an internet connection. SlingMedia recently joined forces with Apple to bring Slingbox to the 3G iPhone, as well as several BlackBerry and Palm handsets.

Around half a million people around the world have already downloaded the ‘SlingPlayer’ mobile application onto their handset, according to SlingMedia. SlingPlayer Mobile launched in 2006 as part of an exclusive deal with 3 on X-Series handsets.


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Palm unveils new smart phone, operating system

Palm Inc. unveiled a new touch-screen smart phone and operating system Thursday, marking its latest attempt to catch up with competition from Research In Motion Ltd.’s BlackBerry and Apple Inc.’s iPhone. At the International Consumer Electronics Show, Palm executives touted their Pre, which looks similar to the iPhone, with a face dominated mostly by a 3.1-inch touch screen and single button. The body of the Pre is black and slightly curved, with a full QWERTY keyboard that slides out from the bottom.In an effort to capture both business and consumer users, the Pre will come loaded with features, including Wi-Fi, stereo Bluetooth and GPS, as well as 8 gigabytes of storage space, a 3-megapixel camera and music and video playback. The Pre also has a variety of sensors, such as an accelerometer so images on the screen will rotate when a user turns the device on its side.

Many of these features are already available on rival phones, including the iPhone, the latest BlackBerry models and HTC Corp.’s G1 that was released in the fall by T-Mobile and Google Inc. Palm has been overshadowed in the last several years by the success of these products — especially by the growth of BlackBerry smart phones among business customers and, since its June 2007 release, of iPhones among consumer users.

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Palm receives USD 100 mln in funds from Elevation Partners (USA)

US-based smartphone developer Palm announced that Elevation Partners has agreed to make an additional USD 100 million equity investment in Palm. Under a definitive agreement, Elevation will increase its investment in Palm by acquiring newly issued Series C preferred stock that is convertible into Palm common stock at a price of USD 3.25 per share, a 31 percent premium to the closing price of Palm common stock on 19 December of this year. The Series C preferred stock carries a 0% dividend rate. Elevation will also receive warrants to acquire 7 million shares of Palm common stock at the same price. Prior to 31 March 2009, Palm may elect to cause Elevation to sell up to USD 49 million of this new investment to other investors on the same or better terms than on which Elevation invested. Palm CEO Ed Colligan said that the additional capital from Elevation Partners will enable Palm to put added momentum behind the new product introductions scheduled for 2009 and will provide it with enhanced stability in unsettled economic times. The transaction is expected to close by 31 January 2009, subject to customary closing conditions.

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Cell Phone Carriers Lose Their Grip

A few years ago, if someone asked what sort of cell phone you had, your response would probably be to name a network, like Sprint or Cingular. Wireless carriers so completely controlled the business, especially in the U.S., that many manufacturers weren’t even allowed to put their brand names on handsets. Now this relationship is changing in ways that will reduce the power of carriers and, with luck, increase consumers’ choices.

The relationship started to shift when people began using phones for more than voice calls and text messages. As browsers and e-mail systems became important, it mattered more whether you had a Palm Treo or a BlackBerry than whether your phone ran on the Verizon Wireless or AT&T network. Then along came Apple‘s iPhone to rewrite the rules completely.

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