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Vodafone Portugal HSPA+ trials

Vodafone is continuing to work towards the introduction of HSPA+ in its key European territories. It has previously carried out advanced trials in the UK and Italy, and this week has launched a test network in Lisbon using HSPA+ 64QAM technology. The technology has a theoretical maximum download speed of 21.6Mbps, although Vodafone and partner Ericsson achieved peaks of 16Mbps. Vodafone Portugal expects to launch commercial HSPA+ services in 2009, as soon as compatible data devices become readily available.

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Anacom awards Portugal’s 4th mobile license to RNT

Portuguese telecommunications sector regulator Anacom has officially awarded the fourth mobile telephony operator license to Rede Nacional de Telecomunicacoes (RNT). RNT, which submitted the only bid on the tender for the fourth operator last October, is 85 percent owned by UK-group Telephony Holding and 15% by Portuguese operator Radiomovel. The operator plans to invest EUR 40 million in the project and should launch by the end of 2009. RNT is aiming for national coverage, using the frequencies between 450 and 470 MHz, and has set an initial target of 300,000 clients. The new operator will compete with TMN, Vodafone Portugal, Optimus and Radiomovel, as well as with MVNOs Phone-IX and Zon Mobile. 

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Vodafone chooses Ortiva solution for mobile video (Portugal)

Vodafone Portugal is installing a mobile Video Optimisation Gateway (mVOG) from Ortiva Wireless to improve the quality of its mobile video broadcasts. ‘mVOG will be an essential component to our ability to improve subscriber interest in mobile video services,’ said Jorge Bento, IN and Service Development Director at Vodafone Portugal. The Ortiva mVOG platform enhances video transmissions by adapting streaming video content in real time, based on the individual subscriber’s changing network conditions, CellularNews reports.

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