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Asiacell Launches the Most Economic Mobile Billing Method in Iraq

Asiacell presents its subscribers with the opportunity to choose between different billing methods.

Asiacell – the largest private Iraqi company and the first mobile telecommunications company to provide coverage for all of Iraq – announced the launch of its new service offer, which utilizes the payment-per-second billing system as an optional alternative to the per-minute billing system. Asiacell subscribers who wish to adopt this new payment method will be able to enjoy the most economic mobile rates in Iraq, wherein 2 cents per 10 seconds will be charged for phone calls made to other Asiacell subscribers, and 3 cents per 10 seconds charged for calls made by Asiacell subscribers to other networks. International phone calls will also follow the per-second billing offer starting from the first minute at no extra cost. Asiacell subscribers are free to choose whether to remain subscribed to the payment per-minute system or to switch to the new per-second system.

Furthermore, Asiacell gives its subscribers the ability to choose among the company’s various offers based on their differing needs by utilizing a simple and easy-to-follow mechanism, where subscribers who wish to switch their billing system need only to dial the number 200, which will cost them a transfer charge of USD 1.

Commenting on this step, Dr. Diar Ahmed, CEO of Asiacell, said: “We are proud that Asiacell is at the forefront of the national Iraqi companies providing advanced services at reasonable and competitive prices; an achievement which comes as a direct result of our deep understanding of the needs of the Iraqi market. This understanding springs from Asiacell’s dedication to answering the needs of the Iraqi people in various parts of the country in order to spread easy means of communication. In the tradition of our company, our new offer was launched based on world-class practices and international standards.”

He added: “We at Asiacell have taken great care in developing the company’s infrastructure, as we regularly direct our investments to the modernization of the technologies and techniques that we adopt, and hire the best Iraqi capabilities and experts in order to successfully and effectively provide comprehensive services that meet the demands of the Iraqi market. Our efforts reflect our vision and commitment to our nationalistic role in contributing to rebuilding Iraq.”

It is worth mentioning that an agreement with the relevant Iraqi government entities was established over two months ago to enable the launch of this new service in the first week of 2009. The service’s characteristics include enabling Asiacell subscribers to carry out phone calls even at a minimum credit of 2 cents, wherein other offers require a minimum available credit of 8 cents. Asiacell’s offer is directed at all of its subscribers, and particularly those who do not make long phone calls, thus enabling them to tangibly reduce their costs.

Asiacell’s various offers meet the different needs of its subscribers, and include the post-paid billing offer which charges 6 cents per minute, and another offer that allows subscribers to choose 5 numbers to call at a special billing rate, in addition to many other high quality offers and services.

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Oman Mobile launches 3.5G network

After mobilising an extensive team, ranging from telecom engineers to marketing specialists, Oman Mobile yesterday announced the launch of its state-of-the-art 3.5G network. 

Dr Amer Al Rawas, MD of Oman Mobile, expressed his joy at the launch, saying, “Today is a remarkable day in Oman Mobile’s history as we are proud to announce the launch of our brand-new 3.5G network. This state-of-the-art network will complement the various other wireless and broadband technologies with which Omantel and Oman Mobile are serving the country.” 

Providing the highest service quality and speed is clearly a main objective of the company, as Dr Amer explains: “Our teams have already finished extensive testing of the network, and I am extremely pleased with the results. Still, this is not enough. 

We are now submitting our services to the toughest test panel imaginable: the Sultanate’s major corporations. Selected clients will be enjoying superfast mobile broadband, and we will use their feedback to finetune our network and services. Only after these most demanding clients confirm the excellence of our network will we be prepared to go live.” 

Oman Mobile 3.5G network will enable provisioning of new and exciting services to its clients. “Based on extensive market research, we have prepared a host of new services adapted to the mobile lifestyle of our customers. We will reveal information about our services at a later stage; however we can assure our customers that our tariffs will be competitive, simple and transparent, and everyone will be able to enjoy our services”, Dr Amer added. 

Dr Amer pointed out that coverage is another main priority of the company. “Ubiquitous coverage was always there and will always be the distinguishing factor of Oman Mobile. As of today, we have extensive 3.5G coverage in Muscat Governorate, and our implementation teams are already working in each area of Oman. By combining our 3.5G network with our existing EDGE network, we offer our customers seamless coverage, virtually everywhere across the Sultanate.” Dr Amer also commented on the timing of the 3.5G launch: “We decided to invest now as the technology has become mature and stable, as is the case with 3.5G and, specifically, HSDPA, offering mobile broadband speeds up to 7.2 Mbps. We did not want to build a network that provided only marginal consumer benefits compared to existing technologies.” 

“When European and GCC operators deployed the first 3G networks, customer uptake was limited, as the technology was not yet mature. For the customers that opted for rather expensive 3G services, the benefits in terms of speed, services and mobility fell short of expectations”, Dr Amer added. 

Dr Amer concluded his declaration by thanking the extensive team involved in the project. “I recognise the remarkable work done by the joint Oman Mobile and Huawei team responsible for implementing the network in record time. I also would like to extend my sincere thanks to Telecommunication Regulatory Authority and all government entities that were part of the success of this project.”


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Orange signs cooperation agreement with Space Telecom (Jordan)

Orance, the sole integrated operator in the Kingdom, has signed a cooperation agreement with Space Telecom, the leading company in telecommunications and security systems for commercial and governmental institutions, whereby Orange will support, activate and develop the telecommunications system for private and public entities in different areas of the Kingdom.

The agreement was signed by Jordan Telecom Group CEO. Mr. Mickael Ghossein, and Eng. Akram Abu Hamdan, Chairman of Space Telecom, and Mr. Ali Shukri Kinj General Manager of Space Telecom, the ceremony was also attended by Mr. Sami Smeirat, Vice President of Jordan Telecom Group / Chief Executive Officer of the Internet and Data Business Unit.

“We are delighted to sign this agreement with Space Telecom due to its experience in these applications. This agreement will enhance our position as the sole integrated operator in the Kingdom that combines the most unique telecommunication solutions (fixed, internet, mobile). We are always looking to forge such positive alliances in a bid to offer our best services to the Jordanian companies,” said Ghossein.

For his part, Mr. Smeirat clarified that this agreement is part of Orange plans to develop the local telecommunications market through providing different segments of the Jordanian society with integrated solutions.

Mr. Hamdan expressed his delight for this partnership with Orange as a leading operator that provides the most advanced telecommunications technologies in the world. He said: “This agreement will assist the two companies in providing telecommunications solutions through a variety of joint projects in the Jordanian market.”


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